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Logs and Time Series are not the same

When it comes to logs and time series, there is no magicIf you work in the logging, monitoring — or even Observability — space long enough, you eventually end up on team that tries to build a system that handles both logs and time series in a high-performant and cost-efficient manner.

Well, it’s a lot harder than it sounds — because logs and time-series are not the same.

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Why Slack isn’t working

Slack: Where work happens

Something is happening at companies that use Slack. Slack, the company, may claim it’s work, but it’s less and less productive work, and it’s having a destructive affect upon my own field of software development.

I like really Slack, Flowdock, Hipchat and their ilk — I’ve written about it before. I couldn’t do my job without them. But it’s time to confront the damage these tools are causing.

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What I learned from programming databases

databaseProgramming a database is fascinating work. I’ve been deeply involved with developing open source databases for the past two years and programming a database is possibly the most instructive project one can ever complete as a software developer.

What’s really striking however, is how much my attitude towards databases has changed over the past 6 years. From a state of disinterest, I’ve come to think of these systems as a pinnacle of software engineering.

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