rqlite 5.0.0 released

rqlite is a lightweight, open-source, distributed relational database written in Go, with SQLite as its storage engine. v5.0.0 is now out, and is the first major upgrade in over 2 years.

Upgrading the distributed consensus core

Since its initial version, rqlite has used the Raft implementation from Hashicorp, specifically running version 0.7 of that source code.
This release sees an upgraded distributed consensus core, moving to v1.1.1 of Hashicorp’s code, which is what Consul runs. This means more control over node configuration, and makes network management more convenient. This release also includes some other minor changes and bug fixes.

Coming soon

Upgrading the Raft code means non-voting nodes will be part of the v5.1.0 release, thereby increasing read scalability.
And with this major change in place, I’d like to investigate adding more sophisticated transaction support, explicit connection management, and perhaps better support for Docker and Kubernetes.
You can download release 5.0.0 from GitHub.

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