Analytics 2.0 goes live at Percolate

Today sees the launch of Analytics 2.0 on the Percolate platform. After 12 months of hard work by my team, I am very proud of the new platform.

1 year ago the San Francisco team was tasked with rebuilding the Analytics system at Percolate. In place of our legacy MySQL-based system, we now have a brand new architecture, based on Apache Kafka and Elasticsearch. It’s more responsive, more flexible, and offers much richer functionality.

You can learn all about the new system on the Percolate blog.


rqlite now supported on Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windowsrqlite is a lightweight, open-source distributed relational database, with SQLite as its storage engine. Thanks to the power of the Go tool chain, it is compatible with Microsoft Windows without any extra effort.

To ensure that it remains compatible with Windows, I have enabled CI for Windows using AppVeyor. After some help from the open-source community, it’s up and running now.

Philip O'Toole