rqlite v3.0.1 released with leader redirection

rqliterqlite is an open-source distributed relational database, with SQLite as its storage engine. v3.0.1 has been released and it is a significant upgrade relative to the 2.0 series. The 3.0 series allows more sophisticated clusters to be built and simplifies rqlite client coding requirements.

New features include:

  • Leader redirection. Queries can now be sent to any node of the cluster, and the node will redirect the client request to the leader if necessary. This allows clients to be much simpler, as clients do not need to continually know the leader address.
  • A node can advertise different IP addresses for HTTP and Raft communication than that to which the node is bound. This allows clusters to be formed on nodes which must bind locally to non-routable IP addresses.  For example, one could create a rqlite cluster that spans AWS regions. This was impossible in the 2.0 series, without resorting to a VPC.
  • The in-memory SQLite database has been enabled by default. In testing, this resulted in a significant throughput increase, on very low-latency networks. Using in-memory databases does not put data at risk.

v3.0.1 is not directly compatible with the 2.0 series, but an upgrade path is supported.

Check out the code on GitHub.

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