Measure Everything

influx-logo-blackTomorrow I join the team at InfluxDB, something I’m really excited about. I’m really looking forward to coding in Go full-time — it’s a language with real promise, a nice clean tool chain, and a very active community.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve worked with various time-series databases, and none have been compelling — except InfluxDB. The world really needs a scalable, high-performance time-series database — and one that clusters well. It’s the only way to run large computer systems. Existing time-series databases have too much baggage (the JVM, Zookeeper), are built on other databases like Cassandra, or have complex dependencies like HBase.

It’s time to simplify the operation of these systems. InfluxDB is the only database out there with the vision to do it right. Why not check it out and get involved?

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