How to organise a Go project

gopherSome fellow developers, using Go for the first time, recently asked me how to organise a Go project and for some high-level guidance on programming using the language.

I thought the most effective way to answer this question was to build a simple Go HTTP service, that provides a key-value store. It also includes a README, outlining my most important guidelines for Go programming. You can check it out here.

2 thoughts on “How to organise a Go project”

  1. What are your thoughts on the variety of tools available to manage third party dependencies in the vendor dir?

    1. Hi Akshay — good to hear from you. ­čÖé
      I don’t have much experience with those tools. The InfluxDB team moved to godeps shortly after I left. Up until then we didn’t manage dependencies.
      Go 1.6 does include support for vendoring, so I expect to enable that at some point for rqlite. But no practical experience yet.

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