Valgrind, blessed be its name

Valgrind comprises a bunch of very useful tools for detecting problems with your programs. I first came across it a couple of years back and find it to be excellent. In particular I use its memory profiler, which helps you catch errors such as memory leaks and invalid accesses. In my experience these types of errors sometimes indicate logic errors, not just areas where you’ve forgotten to free some previously allocated memory — which is another reason why it is such a great tool.

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Yellow Dog Linux 6.1 on the PS3

Yellow Dog Linux on the PS3
Yellow Dog Linux on the PS3

I got around to installing Yellow Dog 6.1 using a DVD of the full distro. The installation went OK, and the installer fired up in graphical mode. However it proceeded to create the swap partition almost immediately because of low-memory concerns.
When it completed YDL was quite zippy – a much, much better experience than I got from FC12. I even had audio.

I may actually use this – it depends if I can get particular media players running on it.

Philip O'Toole